Smart Hustle Small Business Conference – Spend a day with fellow small business owners and get years of inspiration, education and insight to grow your business.
November 1, 2017
Microsoft Technology Center
11 Times Square (41st and 8th Ave)
Room: Central Park West
New York City

Our 2017 Speakers


Get years of inspiration, education and insight to grow your business.

Seth Godin – Mastermind and Discussion with Seth Godin
Join Seth Godin for a time of in-depth discussion about marketing concepts to help your business. Seth will also have an extended Q&A to answer YOUR questions and YOUR business.

Why Failure Is Your Best Lesson (and more!)
Your all day host, Ramon Ray, will share his years of insight on building brand and working with brands. He’ll share why FAILURE and MISTAKES are great lessons for future success.

Hear from Chief Joseph Fox’s years at NYPD Transit Bureau. Chief Fox is an expert on how leaders can motivate, inspire and encourage those they serve to be their best. You’ll laugh, learn and maybe even cry with Chief Fox.

The Art of Influence
Mitch Fairrais will share the simple things you can do to have greater influence with clients, partners, employees, essentially anyone you may need to influence to get better results for your business.  Mitch will equip you with best practices and practical tools to be more effective.

PR & Marketing
Becca Brown, co-founder of Solemates and SharkTank contestant will share her insights on PR and marketing and her journey of entrepreneurship – the challenges, the success and everything in between.

How To Set the Right Price for What You Sell
Lisa Hendrickson, business strategist, entrepreneur and Inc 500 speaker will share her deep insights on how to price your products and services RIGHT.

How Do You Scale
The co-founder of will share his mistakes and successes in how to start, grow and SCALE your business.

How To Flip Your Content Marketing
Hear from Flipboard’s Jenn De La Vega on the ART of using content as a powerful tool for marketing and brand building.

Being a Likeable Expert – How To Boost Your Sales and Earn More Money
Michael Katz, Founder and Chief Penguin of Blue Penguin Development, will share why expert positioning and likeability are critically important in building a sustainable and successful small business.

Tapping Into Your Customer’s Passion
Learn how to ignite and to leverage the passion from loyal customers. Join a lively and informative discussion with successful entrepreneurs David Mammano and Carl Gould to unlock referrals, repeat buys and loyalty from your customers

How Growing Businesses Can Achieve High Performance
In a customer landscape with more information, more choice, and less loyalty than ever, top companies are transforming sales, service, and marketing to deliver experiences that win hearts and wallets. But such efforts can take resources that are in short supply for SMBs. Join us as we provide data-driven insights on practices of today’s top sales, service, and marketing teams, as well as the challenges your fellow SMB trailblazers face in keeping up. You’ll leave with best practices for growing in the Age of the Customer, and tips on how to stand up to big competitors, becoming a high-performing team, even with limited time and money.

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Spend A Day Getting Your Smart Hustle On

Brought to you by Smart Hustle Magazine – Learn, Share and Network with successful small business owners.

The 12th Annual Smart Hustle Conference, produced by entrepreneur and best-selling author Ramon Ray, is the ULTIMATE event for successful small business owners to learn from each other and from event speakers.

Spend a day doing all of the following:

  • Hearing best practices in how to successfully start and grow your business
  • Networking with fellow business owners who can inspire you for success
  • Listening to keynote speakers including some of the smartest minds related to small business success


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Microsoft Technology Center
11 Times Square (41st and 8th Ave)
Room: Central Park West
New York City
  • DATE

    November 1, 2017

    Microsoft Technology Center
    11 Times Square (41st and 8th Ave)
    Room: Central Park West
    New York City