About Smart Hustle Magazine

Smart Hustle Magazine is a digital and print magazine that shares the challenges, celebrates the successes and chronicles the hustle, the smart hustle, of today's small business entrepreneur. Our vision is to become the community for small business entrepreneurial success by helping and supporting each other and celebrating the smart hustle - overcoming scarce resources, setbacks and other obstacles through creativity, innovation and perseverance - on the way to even greater small business success!

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Some common questions we'd like to answer:

Who is the team behind Smart Hustle Magazine?

Ramon Ray

Ramon Ray, Publisher and Executive Editor

Smart Hustle Magazine is the brainchild of Ramon Ray, a celebrated author and technology evangelist. In addition to writing the best-selling The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing, Ramon is a celebrated speaker, small business event organizer, publisher of SmallBizTechnology.com and serves as small business evangelist for Infusionsoft. You can follow him on Twitter at @RamonRay.

Virtasktic Agency, Editorial Management



Jamie Frayer, Project Manager & Executive Assistant

Jamie Frayer is a freelance business support specialist with over 20 years of corporate experience including customer service, administrative support and business and people management.

In 2011, capitalizing on her multi-faceted background, Jamie embarked on a freelance career that has seen remarkable growth and success. After building a solid reputation for providing premium services with phenomenal results, Jamie launched Precision Executive Services where she continues to provide a variety of support to businesses worldwide.


Why was Smart Hustle Magazine created?

Publisher and technology evangelist Ramon Ray wanted to create a community of small business entrepreneurs on the journey toward success. Smart Hustle Magazine is the rallying point for those that are using their smarts, creativity and tenacity as they pursue the hustle, the smart hustle, on their way to even greater success.

How does Smart Hustle Magazine differ from other magazines?

There are many fantastic magazines covering the world of small business and entrepreneurial growth. Smart Hustle Magazines visions is to create not only a magazine, but a community, that is 100% dedicated to covering and bringing together those in the HUSTLE. Smart Hustle Magazine is not just about those who have already succeeded, but those on the journey of small business entrepreneurial growth and success.

How often is Smart Hustle Magazine published?

Smart Hustle Magazine publishes new online content daily.