Smart Trends: What's HOT...and What's NOT!

What's HOT...and What's NOT!

Smart Hustlers know to take advantage of every market opportunity. They’re always on the lookout for the hottest trend or newest innovation. Their goal is to disrupt. This week we're taking a look at What's HOT and What's NOT in a number of industries including food, health and beauty and fitness.

What's HOT!

Industries: Food, Health and Beauty

Coconut oilcoconut oil: The once forbidden oil is making a comeback, both for cooking and as a nearly “cure-everything” beauty treatment.




Industries: Food, Franchising

Gelatogelato2: Demand is rising for this tasty treat. And with only a 15 percent consumer penetration rate, there’s a lot of room for growth.




Industries: Fashion, Beauty, Design, Home (essentially all)

pantoneColor: Pantone, the global color authority, says fall will be unusually color-packed with shades that reflect “imagination and ingenuity.” Some of the “hottest” colors: Aurora Red, Sangria, Bright Cobalt and Radiant Orchid.





What's NOT!

Industries: Nail Salons, Beauty Supply

nail art“Crazy” Nail Art: Hot for a few years, the experts say nail art is now embracing a simpler and more “tasteful” look. The trend? French manicures in usual color combinations.




Industries: Fitness

Pilates, Zumba, Spinningpilates: According to U.S. News, participants in these types of fitness got bored “doing the same thing all the time.” While there are still devotees, if you own a gym or are a personal trainer, it’s time to expand your offerings.




Industries: Food, Restaurants, Bakeries

cupcake 2Cupcakes: I hate to admit it, but after many years reigning as the ruler of desserts, Americans seems to have had their fill of cupcakes. Not that we’re not eating them at all; but we’re not eating as many. The real opportunity here? What’s the next tasty treat to rule?