Smart Hustle Conference Welcomes Laura Allen, The Pitch Girl - How To Give a 15 Second Pitch

Everyday we are selling ideas. Sometimes we don't know it. One of the most challenging things for every business owner to do is to pitch themselves, or introduce themselves to a completely stranger. When you're at a networking event, how do you convey who you are, what you do and most important HOW YOU CAN HELP or ADD VALUE to them in a short amount of time.

Laura Allen, The Pitch Girl, joins Adrian Miller, sales trainer and founder of Adrian's Network at the Seth Godin Mastermind taking place at the 13th Annual Smart Hustle Small Business Conference in New York City on Thursday, 8 November 2018.

Hosted and produced by Ramon Ray , entrepreneur, global speaker and best selling author, the Smart Hustle Small Business Conference is one of the best events for business owners hungry to grow their business and better themselves!

Why attend?

- Video Marketing - Learn how to use video to get increased sales, attract more customers and build your brand. Speaker - Roberto Blake, Youtube Celebrity

- Hustle with Heart - Hard working and hustle are important, but without empathy, compassion and heart, it’s empty. Learn how to hustle with heart from Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer, VaynerMedia a Gary Vaynerchuk Company

- Your Perfect PItch - Learn how to quickly pitch your business to get people interested to want to hear more. Learn from Laura Allen, The Perfect PItch Girl and Adrian Miller, Adrian Miller Sales Training

- Inside Cory’s Cookies - Hear the amazing story of how Cory and Lisa built Cory’s Cookies and partnered with Marcus Lemonis

- Seth Godin Mastermind - Join Seth Godin for a powerful marketing mastermind to help GROW YOUR BUSINESS

With a curated mix of networking, main stage presentations and sponsors the conference is an oasis of practical insight for entrepreneurs hungry for growing their businesses.

Attendee, after attendee, after attendee share how much fun they had, information delivered, and tips and insights they received from the main stage.

For the past 13th years, Ramon has brought together hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners who spend a day learning from main stage speakers and networking with each other.

One of the major highlights of the conference is the in demand “Seth Godin Mastermind” a 90 minute, intimate, discussion with marketing master and thought leader Seth Godin. Seth takes the time to share his thoughts on marketing, branding and more and more importantly answer specific questions from the attendees.

The conference, an all day event, is an exciting time of networking, inspiration and practical ideas to grow and scale one’s business.

Speakers at the conference include: