Salesforce Makes Offering Specific To Smaller Business Owners - #DreamForce2017

Every growing business, that's serious about taking care of its customers, anticipating their needs, managing growth (including inventory, sales and more) must have a CRM system. This CRM system should including intelligence, marketing automation, lead scoring and more.

Today at Dreamforce, Salesforce launched Salesforce Essentials, give an "out of the box" experience to every business owner that wants to get quickly up and running on the Salesforce platform.

Based on the press release, Salesforce Essentials will make it possible for every small business to tap into the power of Salesforce with apps for sales and service that are easy to use, setup and maintain. Every four months, Salesforce adds new functionality to its platform, so small businesses don’t have to spend additional time and resources keeping up with the latest breakthroughs in technology. They can focus on what matters most—customers.

Learn more details here.