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How To Get A Peek Into the Mind of Your Website User

How To Get A Peek Into the Mind of Your Website User

Website statistics can give you valuable insights into your business website. They can provide information on the number of visitors, the specific pages they navigate to, the time they spend on the site, their geographical location, what browser they’re using, and more. As helpful as website statistic are though, it’s unwise to rely on them exclusively. What's missing is the ability to know what the website user is thinking.

Website statistics just can’t give you the entire picture. They provide quantitative data – the hard numbers – but don’t really tell you the story behind them. They lack the ability to tell you what visitors really think about your website itself. For that, business owners must look into qualitative data – important descriptive data that is observed but cannot be measured.

One interesting way to gather qualitative data is called a usability test. In a usability test, an unaffiliated third party tests out your website and gives opinions on various aspects. There are a number of companies who offer usability tests, but one great example is Peek, a free usability testing service offered by UserTesting. I recently had the chance to try out Peek’s free usability testing, and here is what you should know.

How to Use Peek

With Peek you can choose a usability test for your website, your mobile website, or your mobile app. Just go to Peek and select your option then enter your website URL or app name. The only other step is to fill out your name, phone number, and email so they can send you your results in the form of a usability test video.

What Is Included in My Usability Test Video?

When your usability test has been performed you’ll get a link to your video. The video will show your website as a random tester navigates and answers pre-made questions. The user vocalizes everything they think and do. They will tell you their initial opinion, what captures their attention first, what they like, what frustrates them, and other aspects of your website that they want to comment on. Each video is about 5 minutes long.

Why Usability Tests Are Helpful

A usability test can help you identify your website’s weaknesses in terms of design, navigation, content and initial impressions. You can request multiple free usability tests from Peek to get ideas and find reoccurring themes that should be improved upon.

Limitations of Peek Free Usability Testing

Because Peek offers a free service, your website is assigned to a random user – not necessarily your target market or someone who is interested in your business topics, products or services. Each tester also answers only three standard questions about your website, rather than specific questions you may want answered.

For this reason, if you find Peek free usability tests helpful you can also upgrade to paid usability testing. By choosing a plan, you can get longer tests/videos, testers who are targeted to your market demogaphics, the ability to ask specific questions or hold live tests, and more.

Usability testing is an excellent way to gather descriptive data about how your customers actually experience your website or app. By using this qualitative data in conjunction with quantitative statistical data, you can identify weaknesses, improve your website, and give your customers the best user experience possible.