College Degrees - 8 Reasons This Entrepreneur Advocates A College Degree

I started working at the United Nations when I was 19 years old. A few years later I started a family. Because I was making good money, I decided not to finish college. A few years into my career at the UN I was offered an opportunity for advancement, but had not finished my Bachelor’s degree. Thankfully I was able to complete my degree, get the promotion (the degree was a requirement), and earn more for my family.

Corporate America is looking for great talent. A college degree is one of the ways they filter candidates. All things being equal, those with a college degree will often advance further than those without.

In partnership with Strayer University, I'm sharing my story and some tips for professionals looking to advance their careers.

Furthermore, a college degree disciplines your mind and gives you important mental skills and experiences.

A four- or two-year college degree, for many, is a ticket to a more stable career and can give graduates the opportunity to earn more for their family. Similarly, a master’s degree can give people the opportunity to earn even more for their family (or just to support a certain lifestyle) and further enhance career marketability.

While going to a traditional classroom setting is great, it’s simply not an option for many adults.

Many adults are busy working a full-time job, taking care of their families, maybe even taking care of elderly parents, and some even have side businesses they’re running. In fact, in my situation, I was working at the United Nations, taking care of my family, and ran a company (my side hustle).

Thankfully, I was able to take online courses to finish my bachelor's degree. Online courses are an ideal way to obtain the degree (or degrees) you need, while being able to still do the important responsibilities that you need to do.

When I was getting my bachelor's degree the online course work was tough. All text-based and a bit dry and not very engaging.

Today, some leading universities are making their courses much more improved.

Strayer University, for example, has a revolutionary platform called Strayer Studios – - which features enhanced online content that blends Emmy Award-winning film producers with real-life, engaging stories. The videos they put together as part of their course work are “binge-worthy”.

Think about it, why are YouTube, Hulu, Netflix and Amazon growing so fast? They’re leading with great content.

Strayer University students enrolled in Strayer Studios courses are more engaged and have a higher continuation rate thanks in large part to the engaging videos.

Another huge road-block that prevents prospective adult students from starting on the journey to finish their bachelor degree or even obtaining an MBA, is financing.

Strayer University’s Graduation Fund  is an innovative approach for its students. For every 3 courses you complete, you earn a course a no cost. This has the potential to defray the cost of a bachelor’s degree by up to 25 percent as long as students stay continuously enrolled.

I’m glad I finished my college degree. Just because you don’t finish your college degree when you were 22 or 23, doesn’t mean it’s too late. It’s never too late to get your college degree.

Still not convinced a college degree is worth it? Here are a few reasons…

  1. Can give you more credibility to a current or future employer
  2. Equips you with the skills employers are looking for
  3. Increases your overall marketability in the marketplace. For example, your
  4. LinkedIn profile looks better by being able to list a degree you have.
  5. The college experience educates you and disciplines your mind
  6. Gives you a personal feeling of accomplishment
  7. Your network will expand. Especially in obtaining an MBA, a degree gives you access to a network of other professionals pursuing higher education.
  8. Your communication skills will be enhanced. Since communication is critical in any job, a college degree, and especially an MBA, will enhance these skills.