Social Media

  • How to Get Started With Social Media in Your Business

    I'm quite sure you're good at what you do. You get results for your clients. They like working with you and you them. It probably would even be fair to say that all of them need your services a great deal, otherwise they wouldn't be working with you. You went into business for a reason—to help a specific type of person or business be more successful than they are. What a shame it would be if one of these specific types of people who really, really needs your help—the kind of help your company can uniquely provide—but they can't reach out to you, because you either cannot be found online or your online footprint pales in comparison to other companies in your industry—companies that may not provide the same level of quality as you. Can you see where this is going?
  • Should I add Google+ to My Social Media Marketing Mix?

    This issue our expert mentor is Ben Fisher, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Steady Demand, an SEO and social marketing company. Ben’s been helping small businesses succeed online for 20 years.