Capital One Spark Business Launches New Service for Entrepreneurs That Goes Beyond Banking


Entrepreneurs are all about the hustle. We want to maximize our time. We work in non-traditional spaces. We want to connect with like-minded professionals.

Capital One Spark Business is launching a fresh campaign this week called We Work As One.

This campaign blends a few elements.

  1. Providing a Cafe experience for business owners to network, get work done, recharge and bank
  2. Ability for business owners to showcase their offerings within the Capital One Cafe
  3. Capital One is also making a concentrated effort to provide practical solutions to business owners

The battle for small business finance is intense, from premium cards and offerings from American Express and other banks, to a range of online and non-traditional banking and financial solutions.

It appears that Capital One "gets" small business, "gets" the entrepreneurial experience and is doing its best to showcase that in the market by providing unique and different solutions.

What's exciting about this campaign is that it gives small business owners a chance to not just get traditional banking services from a "bank" but to have the opportunity to SHOWCASE their businesses to others, get refreshed and bank.

Looks like Capital One might be the "it" card for Smart Hustlers...entrepreneurs in the hustle.