Smart Hustle Magazine was founded by Ramon Ray, four-time entrepreneur, best-selling author and global speaker.

Smart Hustle Magazine chronicles the hustle, the smart hustle of small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Through our online content, print magazine and events we reach hundreds of thousands of small business owners every year.

If you're looking to reach small business owners and entrepreneurs, partnering with Smart Hustle Magazine and Ramon's team is a great option.

We're easy to work with, have a long track record of success and are dedicated to help YOU reach your goals.

There are three main ways you can partner with Smart Hustle Magazine.

  1. Content (articles, video) - sponsored content.
  2. Live education (webinars, Twitter chats, Facebook live and more) - sponsored education.
  3. Events (Smart Hustle Small Business Conference and more) -  event sponsorship.


Sponsored content gives you the opportunity to craft an educational message that resonates with small business owners, showcases the value of your product or services and gives it validation through association with Smart Hustle Magazine.

Sponsored post

We work with you to publish an educational and informative blog post on

Once published, it is shared it socially, include in Smart Hustle email newsletter and shared with our syndication partners.

A sample sponsored post is here.

Sponsored review

Smart Hustle editorial team reviews your product or service and publishes a review of the product. The review includes an overview of the product, why it's important to a business, what it costs and how it benefits a small business owner.

Once published, it is shared socially, include in Smart Hustle email newsletter and shared with our syndication partners.

Sponsored review video

The sponsored review video has all the offerings of the sponsored review blog post. In addition, it ALSO includes a custom video showcasing  your product/service, enhancing engagement, to our audience. You are also provided the  video to use in your own marketing and engagement.

Once produced, it is shared it socially, include in Smart Hustle email newsletter and shared with our syndication partners.

A sample sponsored review is here.

Sizzle Videos

We'll take your content and create an engaging video about it. This video is snackable, shareable and highly engaging.

Here's a sample video.

Live Engagement

Twitter chat / Webinar / Facebook Live

Smart Hustle's live engagement program is a great way for you to have interactivity with a live audience and reap the benefits of an increase in brand awareness.  This program includes:

  • Overall production of the event (script creation, theme, hosting and/or presenting, etc)
  • Pre-event marketing to the Smart Hustle Magazine community, including a blog post and social promotion.
  • Post-event marketing - a summary of the event is published on

We are comfortable using platforms such as: Twitter, GoToMeeting, BrightTalk, On24, Facebook and more.

Conferences (live and in-person)

Smart Hustle Conference

12th Annual Smart Hustle Small Business Conference

Join hundreds of small business owners, media and sponsors for a full day of information, education, excitement and fun. - Fall 2017. If interested please request a conference media kit.

Keynote Speaking and Presentation

Ramon Ray, Editor, Smart Hustle Magazine is an in-demand international keynote speaker. See his bio at - Engage Ramon to provide fun, information and a high level of engagement to your next in-person conference.

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