31 of the Best Podcasts For Creating the Well-Rounded Entrepreneur


Technology Podcasts

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WIRED Gadget Lab Podcast
After a three-month hiatus, the Gadget Lab podcast is back with a new co-host, WIRED senior writer Davide Pierce, who sits along side Michael Calore to discuss the week's top trends in tech. If you are interested in new cool gadgets that enter the market, this show will keep you right on track. 


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NPR All Tech Considered
This podcast offers the latest technology news and breakthroughs in technology, science, and industry. This new series, which airs every Monday they explore the sometimes daunting -- always changing -- world of technology. Are you baffled by your cell phone? Wondering what your kids mean when they say they’re tweeting on Twitter? Whatever it may be, All Tech Considered is there to explore it with you. 


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This Week in Tech
The TWIT team does a fantastic job of rounding up the most pertinent tech news of the moment and delving deep into tech companies’ impact, features and more. Their recent stories range from the basics, like What is Snapchat and How to Use it to a roundup of Andorid Snoring Apps.


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pc-mikePC Mike's Techcast
Award winning reporter "PC Mike" Wendland, host of the PC Mike Techcast seen on NBC-TV stations nationwide, explores the latest in personal technology with no "geek speak." Mike's podcast covers the emerging multimedia and information superhighway fields, focusing on hi-tech gadgets and the hottest apps for smartphones and tablets.


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VentureBeat's What To Think
Deemed as the tech news podcast that stands out by being smarter, funnier, and more to the point than those other bloviating talk shows, VentureBeat's What to Think covers tech news highlights and interviews tech experts for interesting insight.

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  • Hi Carolyn,

    Thank you for sharing such a valuable lists of podcasts. Some of these I know of and a few others are new.

    I just started podcasting a few months ago to teach businesses how to leverage the internet. It’s amazing the growth it’s experiencing in a short time and how much more people tend to act from a podcast from a blog.

    It’s definitely something I wish I had done much sooner as I can create a podcast in a much shorter time span than a blog article.

    Thanks again for sharing. It’s my first time to this site and I’m coming from LinkedIn. I’m looking forward to reading more articles and engaging.

    ~ Don Purdum

  • Hi Carolyn, thanks for replying to me in your comment on LinkedIn and for asking me to share my podcast here. The link to the podcast is http://www.unveiltheweb.com/articles/

    Thanks again!!!!

    ~ Don Purdum