31 of the Best Podcasts For Creating the Well-Rounded Entrepreneur

Finance Podcasts

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The Dave Ramsey Show
Dave Ramsey is a celebrity in the personal finance world, so it’s no surprise his radio show and podcast are among the most widely listened to. The best-selling author expounds on the principles that made him famous: Get out of debt and start saving money. More than 8 million weekly listeners tune into “The Dave Ramsey Show,” which is available on more than 500 radio stations across the country.


The Rich Dad Radio ShowThe Rich Dad Radio Show
Rich Dad poor Dad author, Robert Kiyosaki, shares conventional advice on personal finance, investing and business on his, The Rich Dad Radio Show. Get ahead with his pull-no-punches style of challenging the advice we've all been given on money, investing and the economy. Robert Kiyosaki sits down with professionals from the world of money , investing, business, and personal devlopment and listeners are provided various viewpoints on how to set themselves up for financial success.


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The Money Girl
Looking for a podcast that provides short and friendly personal finance, real estate and investing tips to help you live a richer life. Whether you are just starting out or are already a savvy investor. Money Girl’s advice will point you in the right direction. Host Laura Adams draws inspiration from current events, social media, listener questions and everyday conversations with friends. “The Money Girl” delivers actionable advice and tips that fans can put into practice immediately.


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Motley Fool Money
The Motley Fool Money podcast is a great resource on investing that covers major events in investing world, economy, and business news. Their weekly podcast covers major events of the week as well as interviews on different subjects, and some rather entertaining banter. As a regular listener you'll start to understand how publicly traded companies perform, make educated guess about investments, and simply stay “in” on business news.


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Profit First Podcast
If you like the book Profit First, from author Mike Michalowicz, and it's advice on changing your business from a cash-eating to a money-making machine, then you'll enjoy his podcast. Michalowicz's weekly interviews with various business experts who share their trials and tribulations with business finance serves as a inspirational and educational tool for today's entrepreneur.


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Be Wealthy and Smart
The Be Wealthy & Smart Podcast was named one of 2014’s “5 Best Personal Finance Podcasts!” The weekly show, hosted by Linda P. Jones, creator of the 21 Days to a Wealthy Mindset program, covers widespread business finance topics as well as interviews with some of today's most successful entrepreneurs.

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