Los Ninos Services Wins Ramon's Marketing Makeover with Staples

Los Ninos Services is a New York City company which helps children with special needs and they won Ramon's Marketing Makeover, sponsored by Staples. Los Ninos trains professionals in how to better work with these children and their families, and also offers services directly to the children, in their homes or at a center.

One of the big challenges Los Ninos faces - that many other smaller businesses face - is attracting the right customer and getting attention in a crowded market.  We helped them improve the look and feel of their brand to stand out and achieve their marketing goals.


The first thing we did was add “pizazz” and color to their branding. Their business cards, flyers and other collateral, though designed nicely, were a bit drab. We added bursts of color to these items, because sometimes just a few splashes of color is all you need to make your marketing materials stand out. With Staples Print & Marketing Services, you can create custom business cards from thousands of ready-made templates, then pick them up at your local store. You can also work with a Print & Marketing Services specialist to create custom printed collateral such as banners, flyers and brochures for trade shows and expos.


Los Ninos new business cards!

Los Ninos Services new business cards!

Next, we upgraded their materials to make the things Los Ninos actually does more visible. Their tag line is, “early childhood specialist,” but this language was buried and not overly apparent in their marketing materials. We elevated it and made it stand out more, so people will know what Los Ninos is all about right off the bat.

Finally, we added more images of children to their materials. Los Ninos serves the needs of children in New York City and Westchester, a very diverse community, so we added more children who reflect this mosaic of diversity.

Now, thanks to Staples, Los Ninos, has a colorful and eye catching suit of marketing materials, including business cards, flyers, banners and notebooks!

As Los Ninos can attest, working with Staples Print & Marketing Services to enhance your marketing collateral  is easy to do. You can upload your materials online or bring them to a local store, and within a short period of time (sometimes in as little as a few hours for some jobs) the Staples team can print your materials for in-store pickup. Marketing collateral created with Staples Print & Marketing Services is high quality, and gives your materials the professional touch that makes a difference when it comes to attracting new customers and growing awareness.

Los Ninos is excited to continue to help children with special needs. It now has a little extra help from Staples to spread that message even more.