9 Simples Ways to Refresh Your Office and Make it Sparkle

You spend nights tossing and turning in bed wondering how you can attract new customers to your business. Many of us think of social media, a new web site or doing video. These are all great. But don’t forget the importance of the physical look and feel of your business, as well. I'm excited to partner with P&G Professional to share this insight with you.

Have you ever thought about a simple makeover?

That’s right, by implementing a few easy tips, you can transform your uninviting retail business or office into a commercial palace that bustles with new customers, keeps existing ones coming back and makes your staff happy.

Remove Parking Lot Trash

First impressions matter for job candidates before an interview and sales professionals who make cold calls. Did you know that your business also makes a “first impression,” and that this happens even before someone steps inside? When you drive up to a business and notice plenty of trash fluttering in the wind it’s definitely not appealing and might just cause you to visit the competition down the block.

Clean Bathrooms

What about the first impression on the inside of your business? A messy bathroom is major turn off. Not only do you want your company bathroom looking sparkling and brand new, you also want it smelling clean. A little eliminates odors and keeps things smelling fresh. Whether you opt for the fairly neutral smelling linen and sky or you want to create a tropical fruit scent that screams a freshly cleaned bathroom, let your customers enter a great smelling bathroom.

Receptive Reception Area

Of course, a friendly and knowledgeable receptionist is vital to attracting customers. However, all of the niceness in the world will not impress customers if your reception area appears unorganized and messy. Remove clutter and organize paperwork to present a polished appearance that lets customers know you have everything under control. Don’t let dust pile up. Consider using a to keep things dust free.

Erase Grime from Walls

Nothing turns off your customers more than walking into a retail business and noticing disgusting grime covering the walls. Dirt and grime that goes unattended builds up and looks terrible. Take a few minutes to erase dirt and grime your walls and others surfaces using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Shiny white (or whatever color your walls are) look great and inviting.

Let the Sun Shine Inside of Your Retail Business

Create a cheery ambiance inside of your business by putting a welcome mat out for the sun. How do you accomplish that? You take a dry towel and apply window cleaner on your windows to remove the thin layer of dirt that blocks out the sun. Over time dirt builds up on windows and you might forget what a clean window likes like. I used on the windows of my car mechanic’s office recently and his office looked so much better!

Rock Your Signage

What is good signage? Well, you can start by installing business signs that clearly mark your presence in the community. You can makeover your signage in two ways. A) Get NEW signage if yours are old, yellowed and broken. If they’re relatively new you can remove dirt and grime and make your sign LOOK brand new. I suggest a few sprays of to get the job done.

Shiny Floors

If the floor inside of your retail business looks like it has not received a thorough cleaning since the days of AOL, the time has come to recreate the shiny floors you had the day you opened your business to the public. Mix a little cleaner with some warm water and mop the floor. You can also spray a powerful cleaner directly on the floor surface and use a dry mop to remove grime. Make sure to sweep the floor surface first to avoid running a dry mop over dirt. Clean floors make a powerful statement to your customers and employees, that you CARE.

Vacuum the Carpet

A regularly vacuumed carpet ensures that your floors look fresh and clean and inviting. Quickly clean up dirt and don’t let crumbs and stains build up. Colored carpets, especially, do a good job of concealing dirt and grime. You might have to sweep larger objects off the carpet, before you turn on a vacuum.

Checkout Area

Congratulations! You have taken care of the issues that require a simple makeover of your retail business. Now, you need to seal the deal by organizing and cleaning the checkout area. If the checkout area is out of printing paper or has too many products stacked up against the counter, customers are not getting a great experience. Doing regular checks throughout the day can ensure that your properly stocked and clutter free!

As you can see, a business makeover is not hard, but takes a commitment to KEEP things neat and clean on a regular basis. We’ve partnered with Proctor and Gamble Professional to give you links to some great professional cleaning products to keep your business smelling and looking its best.

P&G Professional sponsored this post. All opinions are my own.