Every business owner, especially a small business owner must be a Celebrity CEO.

Ramon's upcoming book, "Celebrity CEO", lays this out in much more detail. But here's a quick overview of some key concepts!

A celebrity CEO is all about building a community and a strong personal brand which helps you INCREASE sales.

While your corporate brand is important, it's even more important to focus on your personal brand as that's the brand (the brand you) that your clients and customers are buying.

We, small business owners, are not Starbucks or McDonald's or Coca-Cola. They have big brands and their customers (us) are not concerned about who owns them or is making the products or service.

However, for us small business owners, it's important to our customers who WE are as most likely we're directly involved in the production of the product or service.

For growing companies, who might have a sales team, production team and etc - you need to ALSO consider being a celebrity CEO.

How do you become a celebrity CEO?

  1. Focus on a very narrow target market. Don't try to go BIG and serve everyone. You can't. Instead focus on a focused market.
  2. Build a community. Build a fan base. Don't try to SELL just SERVE. The community is already there in fact, as Seth Godin says, you just have to enable them to rally around you.
  3. Educate your fan base. Delivery amazing value, so much value that your fan base wants to follow you and hear from you.
  4. Now that you've built a fan base, a percentage of those followers will buy from you.

Do this over and over and over again.

What are some specific things you can do to rally your community and educate your fan base?

  1. Post regular content. Leverage social media, publish a regular email, write a blog post
  2. Host an event. Consider hosting a regular event (annual? monthly?) that can bring people together
  3. Write a book. A book gives you credibility and is a really big business card.

These are just a few things you can do to attract an audience, educate and audience and drive them to a sale.

Here are a few resources that can help.

Seth Godin talks about the power of a niche market.

Jay Baer on the power of "talk triggers". Things in your business can get people to talk about your brand.