5 Ways I Use Magisto to Create Amazing Videos with Big Results

Video is powerful. I create several videos a month (sometimes a week). Video humanizes your brand, personalizes your content and is a joy for your community to better connect with you. A lot of the video I create, I capture and edit on my phone using the app Magisto. Magisto let's you edit video clips and images to create one video. It let's you add sound, text and overall create a much better video than you could do with just your smartphone.

I create a few different kinds of videos.

  1. There's event videos. With these videos I capture the essence of an event, like this video I created at a Peter Shankman Mastermind.
  2. Talking head videos - videos of me sharing some insight on some topic. It might be a serious or "fun" like this video

These videos serve to educate my audience (you) and continue to build my own brand as well. See more about personal branding here.

So here's who you can ROCK the Magisto app.

  1. Know the PURPOSE of your video - why are you doing it. To be funny, to share insight, to showcase something?
  2. Understand the Magisto editing styles. Magisto has many different editing styles that act differently depending on what type of content you share with them. I focus on two main types of editing styles. One style where I'm speaking to the video and want video to support what I'm saying. The other style is where I'm simply showcasing a compilation of photo or video assets. As you use Magisto you get better at it.
  3. Work backgrounds. As I shoot video on my phone I work backwards. I know how I want the video to be, so then I know what videos/pictures I'll need and then can look for the right opportunities and moments to take the right images.
  4. Keep your video short. 60 - 90 seconds is just great
  5. Be on WiFi - uploading video can take some time, so if you're on a faster Internet connection you'll save time (and save money if you'r e not an an ulimited plan).

I've found that when I create videos with music, affects and a bit more creativity than a "regular" smartphone video, the videos are viewed more times!

I like Magisto so much I've decided to partner with them as an affiliate and I'm excited to see what videos you create with Magisto !

Those are a few ways to use the Magisto app to create great videos. I'd LOVE to see a video you've done with Magisto .